The biggest thing in something

When I visited indonesia in october 2011 I saw in central Jakarta (the capital) a monument called the national monument it was built buy Sokarno one of the previous indonesian presidents, this monument is quite high132 meters and on top of it there is a flame was covered by 35 klg of pure Gold!

Merdeka Square Monas in Jakarta Indonesia

and they told me he made this to show the world how rich are they! but when I walk in the streets I see some thing deferent, poverty and unemployment is every where even walking alone there was not very safe. so I thought Sokarno should have brought better jobs and education for the population before spending 35klg of Gold for show! and now in Algeria we are having similar story going to happened, Mr Bouteflika ( the president of Algeria ) is going to spend 4 billions USD! to build a mosque he is calling it ” almasjid alaadam” or the greatest mosque! also an other kind of showoff to show that we have the biggest thing in some thing…

Visualisation of the great mosque in Algiers - Algeria

I think we have enough mosques in algeria, and people just never stooped building them whenever they need them, but for the moment we have priorities people are unpolluted, homeless and our children needs better schools and hospitals, so pleas Mr president fix this first and then showoff!